Sunday, July 17, 2011

to my sweet, Sadie

so bold and so true [admirer of the color blue!]. I never dreamed I'd be loving an amazing 6-year-old like you! You celebrated your golden birthday with pottery painting & cupcakes with family & friends!


Last night, at dinner you asked if you could marry me. Ha! We all had a great laugh. Weeks earlier you had asked about marrying dad, too. You are so thoughtful and engaging with those around you. Yet, you never miss a chance to be silly.

Tonight, you told me: "My friends tell me that their Mom is the best, but I tell them that's not true because YOU are! I'd take all my babies[dolls], zhu zhu's & books and SQUISH them together and that love would not be as much as I love you!"

In 28 days, you'll start the 1st grade. I'm so excited to watch the ways you blossom. You love learning & the culture of school. You currently love to hear about life before you were born. You ponder, proclaim and ask the best questions. You ask about Heaven. Being a Veteranarian one day. And you hold your friends close to your heart like rare gems -- because they truly are.

You're an amazing big sister. You love to teach Nini. Make sure she's safe. And you're quick to forgive when she pushes your buttons. Remember always: Nini wants to do what you do & have what you have because you're a great mentor and friend to her.

Side thought: As you grow, remember that everyone shows love in their own unique way -- not always how you'd expect. 'Singing their song' or 'going fishing' is the key to each person feeling love from you, too!

You chose 'Dumbo' tonight for your bedtime story. You 'ooohh'ed' & 'aawww'ed' as you watched the way the mama and baby elephant were mistreated. Then your face lit up in a big grin as the story ended with justice and a happy family back together! I'm amazed by the depth you see at your age.

You are heading places, to shake, move, build and embrace your unique story by understanding and loving others!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

thoughts, feelings & repeat...

Today is my first full day back from my 2-week vacation in MN. My Dad flew to Denver and drove the girls and myself to MN. The girls and I had a great time seeing loved ones! John flew into Mnpls from Denver and we spent the last few days of the trip together in MN, before driving back here to Denver -- what treasured days they were! (Thank you, Dad, for your help & the priceless memories!) And. Thank you, Mom [& Dad], House's, Family and Friends for your hospitality, meals & [mostly] your time! We love you all. We're so grateful for the unique flavor you each add to our lives!

It was a wonderful time in the comfort of familiararity. But there were some sad moments that still linger here with me today as I feel caught somewhere between Denver and Mnpls. My sadness is linked to a story that is not mine to tell. But, mine to part-take in. Because, I'm reminded once again -- we're here to love & be loved. To listen and wait and encourage.

I feel a bit helpless and overwhelmed on the behalf of some precious family members. I feel like I want to build shelves in my living room and donate piles of extra stuff to goodwill. But. Those desires aren't really fruitful endevers for today, I think? Maybe, tonight, at 2am? ;)

Instead, I'm choosing to take pictures of the girls, chat at ease with my hubby & fold laundry [always theraputic? right?]! Because, so many things are out of my control. Yet. Today is mine to treasure; along with the people in it.

Here's a verse that has been rolling around in my heart the past few days:

It is said of Jesus that he was "a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering" (Isaiah 53:3). -Deeper Still blog

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

take heart; aftermath [by hillsong united]

I'm a firm believer that music was created to help bring healing & freedom...

This song is a new favorite: take heart; aftermath [by hillsong united]

There is a light. It burns brighter than the sun. He steals the night. And casts no shadow.

There is hope.

Should oceans rise and mountains fall. He never fails.

So take heart.

Let His love lead us through the night.

Hold on to hope.

And take courage again.

In death by love. The fallen world was overcome. He wears the scars of our freedom.

In His Name.

All our fears are swept away. He never fails. All our troubles. All our tears.

God our hope.

He has overcome. All our failure. And all our fear. God our love.

He has overcome.

All our heartache. And all our pain. God our healer. He has overcome.

God our justice.

God our grace.

God our freedom.

God our refuge. God our strength. God is with us.

He has overcome.

There was a time when these kinds of christian writings held no meaning in my life. I would read them like a familiar comic strip in the sunday paper. Today at 29, God has held me through some incredibly hard experiences. He brought me to the end of myself...

I'm so glad that He did {and does so daily!}.

"The sky and the earth won't last forever, but my words will."
-Matthew 24:35
Contemporary English Version (CEV)