Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lauren's 3 Month pics (continued)

Here's our Laureny Mouse. Growing and growing! :) I'm so thankful for pictures to freeze these precious expressions.


Scissors, Glue and You!

A friend gave me a kit to make a Thanksgiving hand-turkey with Sadie :) We traced her hand and cut that out and then added feathers, an eye and two legs! As we did this we talked about being Thankful :) At first, Sadie told me she was Thankful for presents at Christmas... I, of course, continued and went deeper than that. Ha! And she got the message by the time her hand turkey was put together. One of the things she told me she was thankful for was her 'favorite Mommy'. And my heart melted :)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday Fun

Admiring her work. :)

Sadie's excited about the Gingerbread House we built for 'Frosty the Snowman'. :)

Miss Lauren in her Christmas dress!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

3 Months Old

Lauren is 3 MONTHS old today! I can hardly believe how much faster time goes with the second baby. I was warned, but still I am stunned. My Mom has said that the days go slow, but the weeks go fast... I am seeing how true this is. :)

I remember the crazy feedings that occurred every two hours when Lauren was a newborn. I remember wishing so badly that she would just get to 3 WEEKS old so that she would be bigger and eat less often. (sigh) The more alert she is the less she wants to cuddle. I am realizing that each faze has a certain uniqueness about it that will be gone when the next faze starts.

Thank you God for blessing me with these two girls who teach me more and more how to take in the wonders of your greatness.


To see all my favorites from this mornings' photo shoot, Copy and Paste this link:


Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sadie and her Purple Marker


So, this is what happens when you think your 3-year-old is playing nicely upstairs in her room... I should have known it was too quiet!!!

She came to me SO excited as she said, "Look Mom! I have purple skin!" (Is this her way of celebrating our new dark skinned African-American President?) hmm. She colored her legs, her hands AND the bottom of her feet!

She found the permanent marker in one of my bags that is packed for this weekend! SO sneeky, this child is. The only other victims of the marker fiasco were her two piggy banks and a cow flash light!

THANKFULLY, she did not color her sleeping sister, the walls or any other object that I could not throw into the tub and scrub!!!

After I snapped this picture Sadie was thorougly scrubbed (by me of course) in a bubble bath! And then she was warned that she would be punished if she EVER did this again! (Thank God Lauren was peacefully asleep during all this.)

Oh yeah, and now, I've decided to put her in JUST pants (when at home). So far she has left her pants on now that she is not wearing underwear!

Also, Sadie is eating lunch right in front of me. Not letting her outa' my sight...


Winter Wonderland

If you copy and paste this link you'll see a collection of pictures of Sadie playing in the FIRST snow this year!



A case of the "silly's"

Here is Sadie goofin' it up around the house! :) She is almost 3 1/2 and filled with her own ideas more and more everyday! These pictures were taken a few days ago. Sadie has a fascination with being 'pant-less' when she's at home (I am pretty sure she got this from her dad!). She also loves to pull all the pillows off the couch and jump! Another favorite is sweeping the kitchen (also while exposing her panties!). She is such a joy! If you ever need a good laugh just spend some time with a 3-year-old :)

Also, Lauren is growing and just starting to fill out some. She is still wearing newborn clothes. She might be pushing 9 pounds now... I imagine she'll suddenly plump out one of these days, because she loves to eat!


Here is another round of Silly Sadie Sayings:


"Ope, Laureny is so cute, her little hands look like paws!"


"I really miss Yamma and Yappa, and Bumpa and Yamma, I'm sad, I thought they were my best friends."


"Momma, you are driving kinda fast... I think you should slow down."


"Ooooh, I like sugar! It tastes good in my mouth and it makes me strong and healthy!" (Don't we all wish this was true?)


"I'm thirsty for M&M's!" (I promise we give her plenty of good food too.)


And, here is a recent conversation I had with Sadie:

"Sadie, where are your pants?"

"I put them in the dishwasher."


"The DISHwasher!"

"Um, do you mean the Laundry room?"

"Ope! Yes!"

"Sadie, why did you take your pants off?"

"Cause, I was wanten' to be a Super Herobe (Super Hero)."


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little Artist

Sadie stands proud as she shows off this picture she drew of "Mommy & Daddy" on her magna-doodle! She seems to be pretty detailed and interested in drawing and painting... and taking pictures. It seems like she is taking after me, even though she is very much a daddy's girl! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Buggy & Mousey

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

"Say Cheese!"

Sometimes, I just really want a cute picture.

At least, with all of us looking pleasantly in the direction of the camera.

And I end up with this.

(Could Sadie possibly make a bigger frown?)


Joy Overflowing

My Father-in-law, Rick took these pictures while he and my Mother-in-law, Barb were here visiting yesterday! He does amazing landscape photography (as a hobby). You can check out his gallery at: www.rickhousephotography.com

We had so much fun with the "Bumpa's" (as Sadie used to say). We went out to eat at a restaurant called Tarsilla's in Stewartville. Then we made a trip to Fleet Farm (not sure why, but we usually bring our guests to Fleet Farm to complete the "country tour"). And then John made a pizza on the green egg (smoker). It was great!!! We are so thankful for our family. They are such a gift.