Friday, November 7, 2008

Sadie and her Purple Marker


So, this is what happens when you think your 3-year-old is playing nicely upstairs in her room... I should have known it was too quiet!!!

She came to me SO excited as she said, "Look Mom! I have purple skin!" (Is this her way of celebrating our new dark skinned African-American President?) hmm. She colored her legs, her hands AND the bottom of her feet!

She found the permanent marker in one of my bags that is packed for this weekend! SO sneeky, this child is. The only other victims of the marker fiasco were her two piggy banks and a cow flash light!

THANKFULLY, she did not color her sleeping sister, the walls or any other object that I could not throw into the tub and scrub!!!

After I snapped this picture Sadie was thorougly scrubbed (by me of course) in a bubble bath! And then she was warned that she would be punished if she EVER did this again! (Thank God Lauren was peacefully asleep during all this.)

Oh yeah, and now, I've decided to put her in JUST pants (when at home). So far she has left her pants on now that she is not wearing underwear!

Also, Sadie is eating lunch right in front of me. Not letting her outa' my sight...



OlsonFamily6 said...

oh my gosh! i have a picture of delaney at nearly the same age, same look, but with black sharpie! when will we wives of tv men learn??? i will try to find it. :)

MsP said...

oh man! so cute!! lol.

once i colored my sister Christy pink with a highlighter! she loves to tell that story!