Sunday, May 31, 2009

cute cousins at como zoo

You may have heard either John or I say, we want four kids someday. Well, we got to enjoy having 4 children under age 8 in our home recently!

The last two days we hosted John's cousin Jamie and his lovely family. Jamie works for the military. He and his family were on a month leave before moving to their next destination. So, Jamie brought his family here to MN to meet all of us... it was great! We got to see them 4 different times this past month, including the past two days they stayed at our home.

John and Jamie (in one day!!) drove from here to St. Loius and back! (I know, a bit crazy) They dropped off Jamie's car, so it could be transfered to their new destination. Thankfully the trip was smooth. While the guys were on the road, I enjoyed getting to know Noi (Jamie's wife), Naet (their daughter), Jalen aka JJ (their son). Naet is 8. JJ is 2.

Noi and I loaded the kids into my Envoy and we went to the Como Zoo for the day! We also managed a haircut for JJ, icecream treats and playtime at home. Sadie and Lauren ("Nee Nee") really loved having cousin's to play with. Naet was a nice "big sister" to Sadie and Lauren. And JJ and Sadie ran after each other and tickled each other to pieces. ;)

I think 4 kids would be great...! I told Noi that I loved having a car full of noisy, cute kids. I enjoyed getting to know Noi... she was born in Thailand, and it was fun to learn about her home town and the Thai culture.

Day two, we ate at Olive Garden and went shopping in the Maple Grove Shoppes (had fun running into the Block's there too). It was fun to have girl time with Noi, exploring fun stores like J.Crew. Banana Republic and Anthropology. I have not set foot in a nice store browsing through clothes for myself since, well, forever! I found a fun - long - linin peach colored tank top at J.Crew and a cute scarf, both on sale! YAY! Noi found some nice summery pants at J.Crew too.

After shopping, we drove Jamie and his family back to Jamie's mom's house. His mom and step-dad live on 10 acres in the country and they have about 10 miniature horses and 3 regular ones. The have a very clean pole barn, filled with stalls that have wooden carved name plates at the end of each stall for each horse. Sadie loved feeding hay to the ponies! The kids also ran around with bubble wands that 'blowed themselves', Sadie said, from the wind!

An all around good time was had by all. This is the good stuff in life.

Prayers for Stellan

Sunday, May 24, 2009

little miss hostess

tonight sadie enjoyed treating daddy and mommy to a cupcake party!! we were at MOA today, and purchased (let sadie pick out) this fun cupcake bake set and serving set. how could we resist? right!? well, sadie's birthday is coming up. being that she will be having a party and that party will be on her actual birthday, we've decided to give her gifts from us early this year. why not? right? her only other sibling is 9 months old and i like to think that fareness and traditions are still 'in the works' in our family. ;)

sadie will be taking dates for tea party and cupcake get-togethers!

our BBQ family party

we had a great time hosting 15 of John's family members friday night! the food was awesome! especially the ribs! thank you John!!!! enjoy the pictures! (p.s. rick took several great shots too...

two peas in a pod!

yamma barb, bumpa rick, laureny, auntie diane and cousin sarah. it's so nice to be home again...

great grampa and the family.


sadie. naet. lauren.

my very own mr. marvelous!

cousin sarah, cousin nick, cousin Jamie.

Jalen. he liked my toes!

gramma rosemary. auntie karen. yamma barb.

the yummy summery sides.

John's amazing ribs!!!

Sadie with Naet and Jalen and their mom, Noi. (Noi is originally from Thailand, she's married to Jamie who is John's cousin.)

Naet (John's cousin's daughter) and Sadie.

our picnic

Prayers for Stellan

cabin sweet cabin

may 14th - 17th was spent playing at the cabin! it was fun, fun, fun!

laureny mouse.

sadie took this picture! she's a natural with the camera!

sadie on the peninsula at crystal lake.

daddy and daughter. this is crystal lake near my family cabin.

we love to burn things at the cabin. there is a method to this madness, incase you're wondering. ;)

the four of us.

my grampa ralph and gramma marlene. (my mom's parents).

we celebrated laureny's 9 month birthday!

yappa dan did tractor rides!

and, we shot guns. even me! John posed me for this "tough girl" shot. ha!

mama and baby.

i love this...

hugs from great-gramma.

the whole gang (minus me and sadie).

mama and daughter.

these are so fun!

isn't she sweet??!! she loves being at the cabin!

my vintage baby girl, sitting on great-gramma's lovely old farm couch.

contently watching some political tv...

the view from the balcony.

being fed by yamma diane.

sadie caught this little guy with her own bare hands! this slow moving moth, was lovingly given the name, "green".

Prayers for Stellan