Monday, November 14, 2011

the greatest... and latest!

God is good! It's often said... but in our home these days, it's deeply felt.

Sadie, our big first grader lost her first TOP tooth, tonight! She's 6. When she was 5 she lost two of her bottom teeth -- back then she insisted that we give her one dime (per tooth) as this was the going rate for a lost tooth in the Berenstien Bears' home. Mama and Papa Bear gave Sister and Brother Bear ten cents for each tooth that was hid under their pillow! Now, Sadie knows the value of each coin and the value of one dollar! As you may have already guessed, she asked for one dollar this time! ha ha

Sadie is doing well in school. One of the top students academically. She won student of the month for her class in November and her picture as well as a nice little blurb was placed on the schools wall of fame in her honor!

She also attends Awana! She's having fun, learning scriptures and earning badges!

Lauren is learning her letters, numbers, colors and shapes at home! She is constantly moving, jumping and climbing! A lover of dress-up & pretty shoes! She just finished up a gymnastics class and has begun a tap / ballet class! She loves it! Lauren is very expressive and beginning to voice complex ideas as well as carry on conversation!

John, is the man! After a period of uncertainty... He (God) has led us into a promising new phase! John and I have become closer as friends and we look forward to what we hope will be 'normal life' for the first time in a long time! John landed a job in the IT field. He's excited to start soon! He also plays beautiful music at church and cooks and continues to make us all laugh!

I'm so grateful to be married to a man who puts God in the center of our life.

Me, well, I am doing great! I'm building back strength and learning the best foods to eat after being diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction back in August. I am on a baking and crafting kick! I'm learning to crochet. I've gotten the hang of apple pies and I'm back into the swing of snapping pictures! Now, I just need a new book to read! The one-year-bible has been a new endeavor as well!