Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Family

Here are some fun shots from last night and tonight. I smile when I look at these... I'm realizing more and more that it's all about the simple things in life and the people that you share those simple things with :)

I'm so thankful :) God is SO good, I can't say that enough lately :)

In order from top to bottom, here are captions for each picture:

Sister Cuteness :)

The nuk that ate Baby Lauren's face!!

Dad and Baby Lauren's favorite past time... Sadie laid her "baby Lauren" next to dad too :)

Lauren looking around at this new big world.

Sadie taking a "piccer" of Baby Lauren with her new kiddy digital camera!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pretty In PINK!

Here I go again, taking pictures!!! I just can't help myself :)

Lauren is 10 days old today, she's eating great and becoming more and more alert!

Sadie & Yamma Diane!

Here is a shot of Sadie enjoying her lunch with her "friend Yamma" she says : ) Again, Thank you Mom for ALL that you are doing!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

She's Awake!

Tonight and last night, Lauren has been alert and awake for about an hour from 11pm 'til midnight. She eats at about 10pm and then again around 11:30... now she won't get up until about 3am. So I got some 'eyes open pictures' of course. It had been over 24 hours since I took her picture. I am out of control, really.

Sadie had a fun day! Her Bumpa's and Uncle Guy came to visit. My Mom is also still here! They played outside in the sandbox and in the yard! Her Bumpa's also surprised her with her very own pink digital camera!! It really takes pictures and Sadie took some nice shots of each of us and then a few pictures of her toys. It was cute! When she opened the present, she was SO excited for my Mom to get it out of the package that she ran little circles in the kitchen until the camera was out of the box! Haha... and then she figured the camera out right away! She's a 'House' for sure!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lauren is ONE week old!

I am SO thankful she is here. One week ago today. Wow. I'm sooooo Thankful not to have to go through the Labor again... still in shock that she is finally here!

The little gold ring on Lauren's big toe is a keepsake that was given to me by my very sweet doctor who examined me after my second miscarriage. On that day, as I drove home, I told myself that someday I would take pictures of that little ring on our next baby's toe. TODAY was that day.


Thank you God for this healthy, happy little girl!

Enjoy the pictures!!

The "Breast" Way...

Here is Sadie showing us that she can pump too! Oh, and then the pumps became alien eyes!! Haha...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Got Milk?

The answer is YES!

Good News! Lauren has been nursing! JUST nursing... we ditched the tube feeding after her feeding at 8:00 AM today and after some fussing and struggles I got her to latch on!


I never knew they're were so may intricate details with nursing a small baby (as Sadie never nursed for a number of reasons). Thank God that He gives us the desires of our heart and He answers prayer!

Also, after talking with the Lactation Nurse, she told me that Lauren seemed to be doing well and that I could spread the feedings to every 3 hours instead of every 2. Again, what a RELIEF! It has been so nice to slow down some and not just pump-nurse-eat-sleep like I had been :)

I even had a chance to play with Sadie today! We painted with water colors and I also got a few cute shots of her making a play dough elephant with her Yamma Diane! Sadie has really amazed us with how tolerant and loving towards Lauren she has been :) The second picture was captured after Sadie so kindly tucked in a bunch of her beenie babies next to a very sleepy Lauren to "keep Lauren cozy".

It's so awesome to see how Lauren has brought us even closer as a family... like now we all help each other more and depend on each other more... because now we are FOUR :)

God is good!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Love

Here are some shots of Lauren laying in the window light this afternoon. The Jaundice levels dropped from 18 to 16! And Lauren has gained another ounce today!

The stressful part is that due to the tube feeding (supplementing) Lauren has been spoiled some by the fact that it is easier than nursing, so when she latches on to me, she only sucks a few times and then stops... I am told that the finger/tube feeding method is most like breast-feeding... so, we are praying that she gains enough weight ASAP so that she can learn to nurse exclusively again! Another nice thing, my milk is really producing! So much so, that I already have a bag frozen! YAY! I guess that's what happens when you pump every 2 hours and nurse...

ANY advice anyone?

I was reading my Nursing book and some of the facts looked a little grim. So I quit reading that book... I am choosing to believe that God will help Lauren and I figure it out... every day Lauren gets stronger :) Today she had her eyes open for like 20 minutes, just quietly looking around :) This is new. I can tell she is a bit preemie - every little step is a big deal :)

Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feeding, Sun Tanning & Feeding some more...

Here are a few pictures from today. Blogging and taking pictures keeps me sane right now. I feed Lauren every hour-and-a-half [during the day], feed myself and try and squeeze in some sleep. ;)

My Mom has been a HUGE blessing, she is here caring for Sadie and the house upkeep stuff! Wow - I would be a wreck without my Mom's help right now. THANK YOU MOM!

Lauren is dealing with jaundice. She is doing well though... eating every two hours during the night and she has gained 2oz. since yesterday. Lauren (we) has visited the clinic every morning since we left the hospital. I'm praying she gets into a regular pattern of nursing, sleeping and gaining weight. At this point it is like all she wants to do is sleep (jaundice has that affect). I have to wake her up with cold wet wipes just to feed her so she can gain weight, stay nourished and fend off the jaundice.

Still happy. Still love my Baby. Still love life.



...I'll be thankful to be on the other side of this!

My prayer is that she is 'out of the woods' by the end of the weekend :)

Big Sister Sadie

Here are a collection of some of my favorite shots from the past three days... oh, how much can change in just three short days :) What a dream come true it has been. Really.

After the waiting and all the heartache of losing two babies to miscarriage... I can honestly say that God has replaced my sorrow with joy! God is faithful! I'm crying as I write this... happy tears of course :)

I know what it means to be truly thankful.

The constant feedings, sore nipples and collectively about 7 hours of sleep since Lauren's birth do not in any way dampen my excitement to being a new Mom to Lauren :)

John and I are so blessed to be parenting two girls. Two amazing girls who have such a bright future! What a privilege to be their Mom. I am totally awe struck right now.

Here are a few "one-liners" that have come from Sadie the last few days:

"When is Lauren going back to her home?" - Sadie

"Lauren, you don't have to be scared because Jesus is always with you, He lives in your heart." - Sadie

"Is Lauren drinking from your boobies Mom? She can drink from my boobies if she wants to". - Sadie

...and I imagine there will be many other funny statements and stories in the future!

Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome Lauren Faith House

Lauren Faith House
5lbs 14oz and 18 1/2 inches
Born at 1:46PM on Saturday, August 16th.

Mom and baby are doing great!

...more pictures