Saturday, September 3, 2011

foster to adopt

A quick update. Thank you to those who are following & praying!

We're now in the 6th month in what we were told should be around a 9 month process. We began foster care classes in March of this year. Very significant because we lost our 5th baby at 10 weeks gestation in March of 2010.

What is left to do:

John needs to get a physical

Waiting for a note from Sadie's Teacher

[The homestudy will be 3 visits. Family interview. Seperate interviews. Home safety inspection.]

Presentation of 'our story' to the 5 person child welfare panel.

Getting licensed!

THEN. Once we're licensed [IF we're approved by all 5 members.] We just wait to get a call - anytime day or night.

Our social worker is hopeful that we should be licensed before Christmas!... :)

We have such anxious hearts to be in the most simple way a helper in a team of people in a family's / child's life. The depths of compassion and inspiration we're about to witness are far beyond our grasp in this moment.


We feel ready. Like a runner waiting for the gun shot at his race.

As with biological pregnancy I'll admit I've found myself buying several cute blue things here and there when I've found great deals. AND we can't say Thank you enough to some VERY special people who have given us countless baby items. Your rewards are the eternal kind! In foster care, it's more common for boys to land in the system... So, being that we already have two daughters: we have asked to be placed with boys only [of any race] age 12 months or younger. :)

I have recently taken on a part-time daycare baby girl! The girls have responded with open arms to her presence in our home! I like to think this is God's way of getting us all in baby mode again! ;)

As I've shared before we started this process with the intent to add a son to our family. Today, we are going into to this trusting God's timing is best and that we may help several children / families before officially adopting... It hit me today that we'll be growing our hearts and families with the 'sons' who simply visit, too.

Because as Mother Teresa says: "...we belong to each other."

And, I know what I want for Christmas: