Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lauren and the age 3

"Loh-nan" is what you call yourself! You're 3 and nearing the age that Sadie was when you were born [3 years & 2 months]. Today you spent the day in underwear - and you told me that you would just 'pee in the grass' while we went outside... Lol. You went on the potty more than once on your own and I think you're real close to staying dry during the day.

You just celebrated your birthday with a puppy theme. You just can't get enough of all things dog lately! You love being "Ser-reee!" [Your way of saying 'three'!] And here's a recap on your current interests:

"Nastics" Gymnastics class

Playing with Dolls

Dress Up


Playing with water

Filling cups with water

Putting toys in a cup; then filling it with water


Looking at books

Doing school/learning time with Mom

Scooting on your new scooter

Getting the mail

Washing your hands [emptying soap EVERYwhere]



Eating at "Sick-a-way!" [Chick fil A]

Playing in the play-place

Eating frozen yogurt

Bike rides in the burley