Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"What village are we in, Mommy?"

I was holding Sadie's hand and hurrying her through the parking lot (at Park Nicollet Clinic) as Lauren was hanging from my arm in her infant seat, on the way to Lauren's ear check-up (this happen's every two weeks) when Sadie asked; "What village are we in, Mommy?"

I laughed.

I love how Sadie has the ability to "freeze time" in a busy, rushing-by moment. I stopped and thought a moment and told Sadie: "We're in St. Louis Park."

Sadie smiled and said, "Oh, Ok, Mom".

I love her.


I could go on in great detail about how I wish ____________, ______________, and _____________ were not happening right now.

But, I will spare you the nitty gritty's. (A visit to the Gerber website tonight - of all places - really encouraged me to stay positive as a parent...! So, I will do just that, for the next 10 minutes, anyway. LOL.)

I would appreciate your prayers for health, safety and endurance for my husband, our girls and myself.

Thank you so much!

Also, I'm finally going to start The Love Dare (The book from the movie Fireproof). I've been procrastinating this looooong enough.

Sadie and Lauren in my parent's yard during our tea party picnic and frisbee game last night.

Life is such a gift!

Prayers for Stellan

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Seriously?! said...

I love this, Jen! She is such a fun little girl! What a gift.

I will for sure keep you all in my prayers during this time of transition. I'm so curious about what it is!! :)

Oh, love the pic of your babes, too. They're beautiful!