Saturday, February 20, 2010

stream of consciousness

In no particular order. I will put my current thoughts in sentences for you to read. The house is quiet. My husband brought both girls to dance class. He's such a great husband and daddy! I should be cleaning and doing laundry. But. Instead I'm looking through old pictures and writing on my blog. I think these things are healthy. To. Just. Sit. And. Be. Still.

This is a Nini classic. Big Sister had a fascination with band aides this summer.

It makes my heart so happy to think that my daughters already have life long friendships. And. Me too.

Thinking of the O'Brien family today. What a special family they are to us.

I am realizing that Sadie is a lot like her daddy. The way she speaks. Her sense of humor. Her originality. I love her new ability to carry on semi-adult like conversations. And. I am constantly blown away by her profound truths.

Just got a call. John's swinging by so I can go run a few errands with him and the girls. I love how children bring the simple things to life. Brings me back to the present moment when I get consumed dreaming of my plans for my future schooling and career. I would be happy as the title wife and mom forever. What an honor. But. I think it's good to dream big so God can show up and do even bigger works in my life. I love how each season brings trials and great joys. Oh. How life can change in just one day. More on this later.

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