Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fun

Today was so beautiful outside! Lauren surprised us and took a loooonnngg morning nap! So, Sadie and I grabbed the sidewalk chalk and snuck outside (I went bare foot)!! While outside, we 'sidewalk chalked', found ladybugs, made "bird homes" and played 'tickle tag'!!

The sidewalk chalk was a big hit! Sadie drew family members to go with her "corn cob baby"... (she has a corn cob toy that has become 'her baby') she decided that we needed to draw a house and family members for her... Haha!! I remember doing this same type of thing when I was little :) Sadie has got quite the imagination and, so, I Of Course act like her random stories, ideas and names are brilliant! :)

I'm a proud Mom.

That's why I blog these everyday happenings... ;)

The other day she informed me that her favorite horse is named "Sunblock". Also, she once had a "pet pumpkin" named "Dozer". LOL. Her latest indoor activity is tucking away stuffed animals and dolls in the cupboards amongst the canned goods and boxed foods! Apparently they need homes. I wonder if we have a future social worker or adoption agent here? ;)

I hope you're enjoying the 'newness' that Spring brings!

Speaking of... just 10 days until we move on back to Fridley!

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